Getting Started

The following steps take you through the process of creating a new organization in TracPro. If you are using your local development installation, then ensure that both the web server and Celery are running.

Preparing RapidPro

Before setting up your TracPro organization, one should ensure that the RapidPro organization has the following:

  • A set of contact groups representing panels, e.g. Kigali, Florida
  • A set of contact groups representing cohorts, e.g. Males, Teachers

Obviously you will also want to define some flows in RapidPro which are suitable for running as polls.

Creating An Organization In TracPro

Configuring An Organization

There won’t be much to see until you tell TracPro about which flows and groups to use.

  • Navigate to Administration > Polls and click Select to select which flows in RapidPro will be used as polls in TracPro
  • Navigate to Administration > Cohorts and click Select to select which contact groups in RapidPro will be used as cohorts in TracPro
  • Navigate to Administration > Panels and click Select to select which contact groups in RapidPro will be used as panels in TracPro. This will trigger a fetch of all contacts from those groups.

Fetching old runs

If a new poll is added, TracPro will only track runs made after the poll has been added. If you need to fetch older runs, then there is a button which allows you to do this.

  • Navigate to http://SUBDOMAIN.yourtracprodomain/.
  • Navigate to Administration > Organization and click Fetch runs (on the right side near the top).
  • Enter how many days in the past the fetch should go. For example, to fetch runs from the last two weeks, enter 14.
  • Click Submit.

One should use this command with caution as it could potentially try to download a very high number of runs

Displaying Calculated Values on Tracpro

You can display values that are calculated from user responses on Tracpro. We reference an example flow that uses a calculated variable from results of a structured message form.

In RapidPro: After you have built your flow to collect variables that you wish to use for the calculation, add a “Split by Expression” step.

Save the result as a particular variable name, for example Calculated Variable. Write the expression to calculate the variable, for example @(flow.girl_leaders / flow.girl_participants * 100). You have access to basic math, expressions, and variables.


In RapidPro: You can use the calculated variable like any other variable, for example in a response to the user.


In TracPro: To view on Tracpro, ensure that your poll has been added through the Poll Flows chooser.


In TracPro: Your calculated variable will be available as a Question on Tracpro. You can view and use it exactly as you would any other Question.

  • To view the numeric responses, including those for the calculated variable:
  • View the Poll.
  • Click on the “Dates” tab.
  • Select the date of the poll you wish to see.
  • Click on the “Responses” tab.